How Do You Eat Star Fruit, and What the Heck Is It?

Star fruit is visually stunning but not very well recognised.

The star fruit, a sweet-tart tropical fruit that cuts into perfect star-shaped slices, is one of the most eye-catching foods. Indeed, it cuts into stars without the need for cookie cutters.

However, from where does this fruit come? Where is it usually raised? How do you know whether something is ready to eat and ripe? How are you supposed to eat it?

Star fruit: What is it?

Most of South East Asia, Australia, and South America, as well as Thailand, grow the star fruit. Carambola, the name given to star fruit, is a tropical fruit that thrives in humid environments and is available all year round. It has a green to yellow colour range (resembling a banana).

Taste of star fruit

Star fruit tastes almost like a cross between an apple, a pear, and (a hint) of lemon; it is tangy and lemony.

Nutritional information for stars

This is one star fruit’s nutrient breakdown, according to Healthline:

  • 3 grammes of fibre
  • One gramme of protein
  • 52% of the RDI for vitamin C
  • 4% of the RDI for vitamin B5
  • 3% of the RDI for folate
  • 6% of the RDI is copper.
  • 3% of the RDI for potassium
  • 2% of the RDI for magnesium
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Ways to consume star fruit

When selecting a star fruit, seek for firm, bright yellow fruits that are slightly brown around the ridges and have a light green tint. The fruit doesn’t need to be peeled or chopped after being washed; however, cutting it reveals the fruit’s amusing star form.

Health advantages of star fruit include:

1 ) Fatty liver

According to studies, chemicals included in star fruit can help reduce fatty liver.

Star Fruit

Additionally, their capacity to fend off liver cancer is being researched.

Studies have demonstrated that substances included in star fruit can reduce a fatty liver.

2) Inflammation reduction

Some data suggests that the star fruit has anti-inflammatory characteristics, which may be one of its advantages.

Star Fruit

This fruit’s strong antioxidant content makes it a potent anti-inflammatory that may reduce psoriasis and dermatitis symptoms and promote clear skin.

One advantage of star fruit is clear skin.

3) Low calorie, low carb, and low sugar for digestion and weight loss

One advantage of star fruit is its high fibre content, which may speed up metabolism.

Star Fruit

Since star fruit has few calories per serving, you can munch on it without worrying about gaining weight.

One advantage of star fruit is its high fibre content, which may speed up metabolism.

4) Vitamin C’s capacity to strengthen immunity

Your body will develop the ideal quantity of white blood cells for a strong immune system thanks to the vitamin C boost from star fruit.

Star Fruit

According to research, persons who consume more vitamin C had less wrinkles.

Beautiful skin

One advantage of star fruit is clear skin.

5) Star foods’ magnesium content may promote sleep

The ability of star fruit to promote restful sleep is one of its less well-known advantages.

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Star Fruit

Magnesium, a mineral that aids with sleep, is abundant in star fruits. The body can relax with magnesium’s aid. This nutrient lowers tension and promotes deeper sleep.

The star fruit’s magnesium content may promote sleep.

The ability to aid in sleep is one of the star fruit’s surprising advantages.

It lowers blood pressure.

Perhaps one of the benefits of star fruit that is least surprising is this.

The ailment known as the Silent Killer is classified as hypertension. Different ages might be affected by hypertension.

One of the main advantages of star fruit is demonstrated by South East Asian nursing research: Sweet starfruit juice’s high fibre, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin C concentration makes it a great tool for decreasing blood pressure.

Star fruit risks and adverse effects

In some cases, the risks associated with star fruits may outweigh their advantages. You must be aware of these.

Due to the high quantities of oxalic acid in star fruit, people with kidney issues should stay away from it. As this study has demonstrated, acute oxalate nephropathy has also been linked to ingestion.

Kidney stone sufferers should absolutely avoid it. Oxalic acid is found in high concentrations in starfruit.

Oxaluria (a condition that causes the production of stones) may result from the high concentration of oxalic acid, which may also interfere with mineral metabolism and nutrient absorption.

Doctor checking patient’s kidney

Those who have kidney issues should stay away from star fruit.

Allergies: Allergies to star fruit are unusual. Try a little bit first, just like with any new fruit.

Drug Interactions: CYP3A4 activity may be decreased by lime, star fruit, and pomegranate juice, according to limited data on drug interactions. Inhibiting CYP3A4 can cause drug concentrations to build up, increasing the risk of toxicities and side effects for the patient.


Cutting a star fruit

Before serving, slice the fruit by first slicing the tips off each end, then slice the star fruit to the appropriate thickness. You’ll most appreciate serving this fruit this way rather than chopped or diced because the fruit’s star form is half the enjoyment. The entire fruit can be eaten, but you might wish to remove the flat seeds in the middle. You can do this with a knife tip or your finger.

Once it has been chopped in this fashion for how to eat star fruit, you can serve it as a fruit by itself, as part of a fruit salad, or as a tasty garnish.

Although it can be a reviving addition to desserts, preserves, and juice beverages, it is typically eaten raw and unadorned.

Are the seeds of star fruit edible?

You can consume the seeds from star fruit. However, it is typically preferred to remove the seeds before eating, similar to apple seeds, which are also edible.

The Best Way to Cook Star Fruit

The star fruit should first be well washed under running water.

On a chopping board, position the star fruit on its side.

Fruit should be cut off at both ends.

To get the correct thickness, slice the star fruit.

Take the seeds out.

What Stores Sell Star Fruit?

Star fruit is always available in the produce department of supermarkets.  In the US, their prime harvesting months are from June to February.

How Are Star Fruit Stored?

For one to two weeks, keep star fruit in the fridge in a plastic bag.  Star fruit can also be kept for two to three days at room temperature.

A Star Fruit Fun Fact

When cut into, not all star fruits have five points.  Some stars have four or six points depending on the number of ridges present.

Can you eat a star fruit whole?

A whole star fruit may be a little much for some people to eat on their own, despite the fact that it is packed with vitamin C, beta carotene, and cholesterol-lowering properties. Due to the high oxalate content of star fruit, some people may have trouble absorbing the substance, which could result in an upset stomach or renal damage. You should see your doctor before ingesting star fruit just in case if you have kidney issues or have in the past experienced issues after eating other oxalate-rich foods like spinach and chard.

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