Your Complete Guide To Tooth Bonding Treatment

A healthy beautiful smile is a lifelong asset Tooth Bonding. Today, we inhabit a society that is exceedingly self-aware. In this circumstance steadily increasing number of men and women all over the world are finding solutions in various cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve their smile as well as self esteem. The UK is not an exception to the overwhelming trend.One of the assured ways to transform your smile is undergoing composite bonding treatment. Skilled and experienced dentists can easily help you achieve your dream smile through this procedure. The procedure is so popular that it is referred to by several names include dental bonding, cosmetic bonding and teeth bonding.

Is composite bonding harmful for the teeth?

This is a modern approach to restore the teeth. it can restore your teeth for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons. Moreover the procedure proves helpful building up the structure of the tooth that has been lost. The existing structure of a tooth may get lost because of several reasons including trauma and disease. The procedure involves fixing a resin material to the damaged tooth. It is then chiselled to bring it to proper shape and hardened with UV ray. This is how the resin material “bonds” to the tooth and restores it. The resin material is nothing but high grade durable plastic material.

Tooth Bonding

It is important to note that the resin material that is selected comes in the colour of your tooth. As a result your bonded tooth or teeth never stand out from the natural ones. A bonded tooth just looks identical to the natural teeth in the mouth. This is a great way to improve and restore your smile. Dentists all over the world including London rely on teeth bonding procedure in tackling cases of chipped and fractured tooth. Moreover it is also effective closing gaps between the adjacent teeth in the mouth. The procedure is also widely used to fix teeth discolouration.

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One of the best things about composite bonding is it is a non invasive procedure. The treatment is completely reversible. Moreover it does not require removing any tooth structure whereas with crowns and veneers a part of the tooth structure has to be scraped away. So if you are dissatisfied with your treatment result in that case your dentist can completely remove the composite filling from your Tooth Bonding. The procedure no major risk as such. It is important to remember that composite resin material is not as strong and durable as the natural teeth. Thus the material is prone to get chipped Tooth Bonding. It may also come loose from the tooth surface.

In order to apply composite bonding material it is necessary to roughen the surface of the tooth. This allows the resin to bond better to the tooth.

Dental conditions where tooth bonding proves helpful

Tooth Bonding

Dentists with years of experience in handling cases of Tooth bonding in London point out the conditions where this procedure is carried out. The conditions include the following –

  • Repair chipped or cracked tooth
  • Improve the appearance of badly stained or discoloured teeth
  • To close spaces between the adjacent teeth
  • To improve the appearance of the teeth in terms of length
  • To improve the shape of a tooth

In addition to the conditions mentioned above the procedure is also used as an alternative to amalgam filling to improve one’s aesthetics. Gum recession results in exposing the roots of the teeth. The procedure also proves helpful protecting those exposed tooth roots.

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What are the disadvantages of the procedure?

  • The composite resin material that is used in tooth bonding is not very efficient in stain resistance. It resists stains only to an extent and then it starts picking up stains fast.
  • In comparison with crowns, veneers and fillings composite resin material is not much durable. In other words the result of the procedure will not last very long.
  • The composite bonding material is also prone to chipping and breakage.

Why dentists still recommend dental bonding?

Composite bonding is ideal for people who have strong healthy and natural teeth along with the desire for an overall and fast improvement in appearance of their smile. It is effective, fast, completely pain-free and quite affordable. Unlike other dental procedures that restores the teeth aesthetically this one is least invasive. Almost everyone is a suitable candidate to undergo dental bonding. Compared to any other cosmetic dentistry procedure this one is most reasonably priced. Tooth bonding cost in the UK costs peanuts compared other cosmetic dentistry treatments. The entire process gets over in just a single visit to your dentist. The results are obtained almost immediately and there is no downtime either. You return to your normal folds of life right after the procedure gets over.

Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding procedure usually lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. Your bonded tooth needs no special care and maintenance Tooth Bonding. If you follow the basics of dental hygiene every day that is enough to take proper care of your bonded tooth or teeth. what are the basics of sound oral hygiene? It involves the following –

  • Properly brushing the teeth twice daily using a toothbrush having soft bristles
  • Flossing once every day preferably at night before retiring to bed
  • Go for routine dental checkups every six months
  • Getting the Tooth Bonding professionally cleaned once in every twelve months
  • Eating an all-round and balanced diet
  • Drinking sufficient amount of water every day to keep the mouth hydrated
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Your bonded tooth is prone to get chipped. Therefore it is important that you follow certain precautions like –

  • Avoid biting nails
  • Using the Tooth Bonding as a tool to open up bottles

A large number of patients prefer going to Smile Clinic London for getting their dental bonding treatment. This is because the skill of a dentist plays a vital role in the quality of dental bonding treatment. The practice possesses an excellent track record in handling these cases.

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