The Health Benefits Of Mushroom Tea, Should You Switch?

Drinking mushroom tea is one of the most fashionable—and, in actuality, one of the oldest—means to ingest these “shrooms, as people are discovering more ways to include fungi into their daily routines to enjoy their therapeutic advantages. But what exactly is mushroom tea—does it include any tea, how is it made (or even available), and are there any genuine benefits to consuming it? It’s time to discover all there is to know about the unique health advantages of mushroom tea.

Describe the mushroom tea.

Mushroom tea is just hot water that has been infused (or steeped) with mushrooms. But we’re not referring to common gastronomic varieties like cremini, buttons, or portobellos. Mushroom tea benefits are essentially just a way to make it easier to get functional, adaptogenic mushrooms into the diet. These mushrooms have some restorative health qualities beyond their nutritional profile.

Numerous variations exist for mushroom tea. Whole, ground mushrooms can be found in tea blends that require nothing more than water, stirring, and enjoyment. Some call for a more conventional steeping method in which the mushrooms are not really consumed. Real tea leaves can be found in certain types but not others. Some manufacturers could additionally add extra components to their blend.

The Various and Particular Mushroom Types

Reishi Mushrooms

The most well-known type of mushroom is probably the reishi. Its colour is reddish-brown, and its shape is kidney-shaped and polished. One of the most potent adaptogenic mushrooms that can improve your body’s general response to stress is this kind of mushroom. In addition, it is well recognised to strengthen the immune system and assist in controlling blood sugar. Because it contains so many anti-stress ingredients, it also encourages sound sleep and minimises the occurrence of weariness and mood fluctuations.

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Mushroom Tea

Mushrooms chaga

The Chaga variety of mushrooms is another well-liked kind. Chaga has a wavy shape or form and a black colour that matches burnt charcoal almost exactly. The chaga mushroom is well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Additionally, it can aid with blood pressure regulation and the reduction of arthritic symptoms. Chaga has also been shown in scientific studies to inhibit the development and spread of cancer cells. Overall, chaga-based mushroom tea is a healthy way to strengthen your immune system.

Mushroom Tea


The Cordyceps mushroom, which is known to grow on some Chinese pillars, is the next item on the list. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory qualities, just like chaga. Additionally, it is known to support the body’s synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a crucial compound that increases the energy levels of our muscles. Therefore, consuming mushroom tea made from Cordyceps is an excellent strategy to increase productivity and workout performance. This is also the rationale for the recommendation that athletes drink this type of tea to improve their stamina, agility, and general performance.

Mushroom Tea


Li’l Mane

A variety of mushroom called the Lion’s Mane is recognised by its long, off-white spines. It is a potent beverage that offers numerous health advantages for your mental wellness. One benefit is that it reduces your chance for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Second, it can lessen depressive and anxiety symptoms. Additionally, it has the capacity to reverse nerve damage. Additionally, Lion’s Mane has a lot of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting qualities, just like any other fungus.

Mushroom Tea

The mushroom maitake

The “Hen of the Woods,” the maitake, is a variety of mushroom that is indigenous to China, Europe, and North America. It stands out for having a robust, peppery, and earthy flavour. This tea also gives us extra energy by increasing the production of fatty acids in our body. Additionally, it is recognised to support the health and strength of our arteries. In general, it is a good drink to minimise your risk of developing any cardiovascular problems, lower your cholesterol, and improve artery efficiency.

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Mushroom Tea

Benefits of mushroom tea

Using adaptogens may aid in the management of stress and inflammation.

Functional foods, which include mushrooms, are those with health advantages beyond the nutrition they provide. Many of them will also possess adaptogenic qualities. Adaptogens are a class of substances that are primarily found in plant-based diets, but some synthetic varieties are also available. They operate to improve how effectively the body handles stress by calming the central nervous system and regulating how it reacts to the main stress hormone, cortisol. Adaptogens can help us avoid the illnesses and diseases that can result from surroundings with high levels of chronic stress by assisting this process.

According to Bianca Tamburello, RDN at FRESH Communications, “The potential benefit of taking adaptogens is managing short-term body stress to help prevent the long-term effects of stress.”

Currently, we are aware of about 70 naturally occurring adaptogens. Adaptogen use has actually weathered the test of time, even though modern science is only beginning to examine their usefulness. According to Tamburello, the practise of eating mushrooms and other foods containing adaptogens for health reasons is not new and has a long history in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Evidence suggests that these substances can also aid in reducing chronic fatigue, inflammation, and the signs of cognitive decline.

It’s a fantastic source of antioxidants and minerals.

The micronutrient vitamin D, which is difficult to find in the diet, can be found in abundance in fungi that have been cultivated in the presence of ultraviolet (UV) light rays. Most mushrooms also contain a variety of B vitamins, which are essential for the metabolism of energy.4 Additionally, every variety contains bioactive plant substances that are strong antioxidants and support the health of our immune systems.

It provides a crucial fibre for gastrointestinal, immunological, and heart health.

All mushrooms have the amazing feature of providing a good dosage of fibre, which supports gut health and overall wellbeing. And numerous kinds will include a particular sort known as beta-glucan. This soluble fibre is a fantastic supplement for heart health since it binds to cholesterol in the small intestine, allowing it to flow through our system rather than being absorbed. Additionally, it functions as a prebiotic, feeding the beneficial bacteria in our gut microbiota and promoting the health of the entire system. Not only is a healthy microbiome associated with greater gut health, but also with a stronger immune system as a whole.

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Compared to other teas or coffee, it may contain less caffeine.

Switching from black teas or coffee to a herbal tea with little to no caffeine can be a wonderful option if you’re attempting to reduce your caffeine intake. According to Tamburello, “some people like switching from their morning cup of coffee to mushroom teas because they tend to have less caffeine, offering a more mild boost. However, this effect does vary across products and brands.

Is it safe to consume mushroom tea?

Tamburello cautions, “Mushroom teas are often considered to be a supplement, so be sure to speak to your doctor before trying,” adding, “drinking mushroom tea has little risk for most people and can be part of a balanced routine of other healthy activities.”

Various types of mushroom tea

A simple way to sample mushroom tea is to purchase any dried edible mushrooms you choose, steep them in hot water (either with or without your preferred tea leaves), and then drink. Another option is to buy a ready-made blend that just needs to be steeped or combined with hot water.

There are a few powdered options available for products that dissolve instantly in hot water and allow you to consume the actual mushroom. Due to the fact that you will be getting more of the fibre from the mushrooms, these provide a modest nutritional advantage. The MUD/WTR and Om Mushroom Superfood brands are represented here.

As an alternative, several kinds can be steeped in hot water like conventional tea without swallowing the fungus itself. Buddha Teas, Baikal Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Tealeaves, The Republic of Tea, Tamim Teas, and Full Leaf Tea Company are some companies that sell this variety of mushroom tea.

It is indisputable that there are many health advantages connected with these warm beverages, whether you drink them to wake up in the morning, to lift you up in the afternoon, or to wind down in the evening.

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