Expectations For A 16-week Ultrasound


Congratulations on reaching your pregnancy’s sweet 16-week! You are at the start of the fourth month and the second trimester, and you are probably really inquisitive about what the heck is happening inside of you.

Prepare for an exciting event as your fourth month comes to a close: You might feel your baby move for the first time this week. There is a real person within, and he is about to speak up! Almost, but not quite, your baby can still fit in the palm of your hand. He has grown quickly and now measures more than four inches long and weighs nearly five ounces. He can kick his small feet and make clutching motions with his hands. His transparent skin is tinged pink as it develops layers. His eyes are getting more and more light-sensitive.

Although they are uncommon, ultrasounds around the pregnancy 16 weeks ultrasound can still be performed for a variety of reasons. What would an ultrasound at 16-week tell you about the unfathomable inner workings of your womb? Let’s look at it.

Ultrasound at 16-week of pregnancy

Using sound waves, an ultrasound can visualise what is happening inside you. It’s a secure and reliable way to keep track of your pregnancy, see the growth and development of your unborn child, and look for any health issues.

You will typically only undergo two routine ultrasounds during your pregnancy: one between six and fourteen weeks and another between eighteen and twenty weeks, unless your doctor feels the need to keep a closer eye on you.

  • The initial ultrasound is frequently referred to as the dating ultrasound. This is due to the fact that at this appointment, the size of the foetus may be used to determine your due date rather precisely. It will also provide you with a wealth of other crucial information, such as the movement and breathing patterns of the developing peanut as well as the rate at which its heart is beating. Additionally, it can reveal the location of the placenta and the volume of amniotic fluid that is present in your uterus.
  • The dating ultrasound is a common name for the first ultrasound. This is because your due date may be determined quite precisely at this consultation based on the size of the foetus. It will also provide you a variety of other important details, including the developing peanut’s movement and breathing patterns as well as the rate of its heartbeat. Additionally, it can show where the placenta is located and how much amniotic fluid is in your uterus.
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You might have missed your earlier ultrasound, for example.

  • It’s not too late to find out your due date and monitor your baby’s development.
  • You’ve dealt with health issues. Your doctor might want to perform an extra scan if you have a medical condition that needs to be watched closely or if you’ve had any odd pregnancy symptoms, including unexplained bleeding.
  • Your doctor wants to keep a careful eye on your baby’s development. If your doctor suspects any potential issues, like as cardiac abnormalities, Down syndrome, or a neural tube defect like spina bifida, they may request more ultrasounds. In the event that anything detected by the scan worries your doctor, they may order extra blood testing.
  • There may be more than one. An further scan will help confirm if a previous scan indicated the presence of several babies.

What should I anticipate from my 16-week scan?

A transducer, a specialised instrument, will either be placed into your vagina during a transvaginal scan or it will be passed across your abdomen during a transabdominal scan.


Both will enable you to view pictures of your unborn child, the placenta, and your uterus.

slick tip? Before going for your scan, consume anything. Your uterus will be in the best viewing position if your bladder is little fuller than usual.

What does an ultrasound look like at 16 weeks?

You could have a very emotional experience, to put it mildly. Your baby might be prepared to move around a little after about 16-week in the womb. And if they’re hiding, don’t be concerned. Still have time for them to start moving.

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They appear to be people! That tiny fish is beginning to resemble a person. Legs, arms, fingers, and toes are now present. And those eyes may be moving around behind them even though their eyelids are still closed.

Watch them develop. Your infant will be about 4.7 inches long and 3.5 ounces in weight at this time. Imagine an avocado.

Can gender be determined at 16-week?

The anatomy scan between weeks 18 and 20 is the one when you typically learn your child’s biological sex. However, it’s also feasible that you might detect it during a 16-week ultrasound.


In this study, outcomes were approximately 75% accurate between the 11th and 14th week, and 100% correct after 14 weeks.

When you are 16 weeks pregnant, how should you feel?

You should be gaining energy as the second trimester goes on. Many expectant mothers have radiant skin because of a combination of increased blood flow and hormones that cause the skin to produce more oil. On the other hand, you can still have symptoms you’ve been dealing with for a few weeks. For women who are about four months pregnant, bleeding gums, leg cramps, aches and pains, skin discoloration, and swelling are all frequent occurrences.


Your symptoms are likely to be the same for a mom carrying one baby at this point if you are 16-week pregnant with twins. Though a twin pregnancy is thought to be greater risk, your doctor will want to keep a careful eye on you and your kids, so you should keep them informed of all your symptoms.

Important Lessons at 16 Weeks of Pregnancy


  • Your uterus is rapidly increasing, so if the bump hasn’t already shown, it probably will soon.
  • Some women might feel the baby move as early as 16 weeks into their pregnancy. If this isn’t your first pregnancy, you’ll be able to distinguish those distinctive kicks, punches, and rolls with ease.
  • Just so you know, early movement is known as quickening.
  • Between 15 and 20 weeks of gestation, an amniocentesis is an optional test. It can identify genetic diseases such as neural tube malformations, chromosomal abnormalities, and others. Though typically regarded as safe, there is a very slight increase in the incidence of miscarriage.
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Things are starting to get very exciting now that you are 16 weeks along. This week, you might have another prenatal appointment where you can hear the baby’s heartbeat once more. Experiencing a baby kick, which could begin this week, will be even more exciting, so pay attention to those mild sensations in your 16-week-old abdomen. another interesting fact? Feel free to talk to baby whenever you get a chance because they can hear your voice starting to develop and will recognise it at birth.

16 weeks pregnant

Baby is hearing your voice in your 16-week-old belly because to the small bones that are developing in their ears. Your 16-week-old foetus is developing taste buds and sprouting hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

How is the infant faring at 16 weeks? Growing! Second trimester is a critical time for baby development, and a 16-week foetus is no exception. The liver and pancreas begin to function, lung tissue forms, toenails appear, and legs begin to take shape in addition to the muscles and bones. Baby has a busy week ahead of him!

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, how large is the baby?

Baby is the size of an avocado at 16 weeks pregnant, measuring 4.6 inches long and weighs 3.5 ounces.

How many months are there in a 16-week pregnancy?

Four months equals sixteen weeks of pregnancy, however keep in mind that most doctors measure your development by the week rather than the month.

Ultrasonography at 16 weeks


Around the time you are 16 weeks pregnant, you’ll usually have a four-month prenatal appointment. You’ll probably undergo a urine test as usual; your OB will look for indicators of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia in your urine. At your checkup, you might also receive an ultrasound if you’re 16 weeks pregnant.

Locate a chair with adequate support.

Any backaches you feel may get worse if you spend the most of your pregnancy sitting at a desk. To prevent your lower back from arching, try placing a support pillow behind it or look for a comfy ergonomic chair.

To sum up

There are certain reasons why you might get a scan at 16 weeks even though not everyone will. Both the persons carrying the babies and the pregnancies are unique.

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