How to Identify Hip Dips and What They Are

If you’ve ever found yourself perplexed by a typical body shape chart for Hip Dips (Am I a pear? An apple? You know the frustration and insecurity that can come with trying to define your body type (why am I comparing my body shape to fruit again?). This is why we support the most recent body diversity celebrations that are going viral on social media since they serve as a reminder that every body is unique and that some (maybe most) cannot be classified.and that’s advantageous.

What is the most recent trait that people are praising and flaunting? Hip dips are something that is not a new trendy tortilla dip, despite what the name suggests.

How Do Hip Dips Work?

Hip dip, sometimes known as “violin hips,” is the tiny depression some people have where their hips meet their thighs.

A short scan through the #hipdip hashtag reveals thousands of pictures of people loudly and proudly flaunting their dips. In a media environment that tends to either praise only the extremely curvaceous or the waif-thin, many of them tell about how they previously felt uneasy about these dips in their hip area. But now, thanks to social media, we’re acknowledging what should have been evident all along: that we’re all in this together, and that all bodies, in all their bizarre and amazing splendour, are worth celebrating.

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Why do hip dips occur?

It is more obvious in some people because of how much and how evenly your body is made up of muscle and fat. Additionally, they’ll be easier to see if you’re wearing tight combat attire like leggings or slim pants.

There are workouts that can assist keep hip hips under control even though we can’t entirely get rid of them. Fitness instructor Karan Sawhney of The Tribe shares his preferred lower body workouts that focus on the glutes and can improve your physique.

Hip thrust

This exercise, which concentrates on the glutes, may be the most effective for increasing hip flexibility. You must sit on the floor for this exercise while using a sturdy surface, such as a gym bench, for support. You need to lift yourself up by pushing your hips upward and using your feet and shoulders to support you. To advance it further, you can also add extra weight.

Lower steps

In this workout, the hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps collaborate to improve stability and fortify the muscles. Put one leg on the ground and the other on a higher surface, such as a stair step. You must maintain a straight posture when bending forward and backward before standing up straight again. For each leg, perform 10 repetitions.

Backward lunges

Reverse lunges improve your core and glutes while putting less stress on your joints. To do this, stand tall and place your hands on your hip dips. With your left leg, step back, and your right leg, bend it 90 degrees. for each side, 20 reps.

Slow squats

With frequent practise, this kind of squat strengthens a variety of muscles, including those in the calves and back, which improves balance. This is a variation on the standard squat. You must pause after bending down for two to five seconds before standing back up.


Lateral plank

Add a side plank to the ab routine to spice things up and feel the heat. In a similar manner to the standard plank, but with just one elbow lifted instead of both, your body is raised in a diagonal posture. For at least 30 seconds, hold the plank on each side.

Animal kicks

An excellent approach to strengthen your body as a whole and train your thigh muscles. You must descend to all fours for this. Then raise one leg and extend it backwards and upwards. 20 repetitions per leg.

Please say “amen”!

Many of us at Healthkeet were interested in the specifics of how a hip dip happens and the reasons why some women experience it while others do not. Next, two personal trainers will explain what hip dips are in detail and why some people have them.

Why Do Some Individuals Have Hip Dips While Others Do Not?

Our physical selves are who we are. Although the template we are given is not something we can control, we can choose to make the most of it through health practises like nutrition and exercise. More significantly, we can choose to accept and love the body we are given. The truth is that most people won’t even notice the parts of our physique we are self-conscious about if we are confident. They won’t see anything but the confidence-induced attractiveness.

Love handles vs. hip dips

The pockets of fat that form close to or around the hips are referred to as “love handles.” Love handles can be reduced over time by using a combination of diet and exercise (such as core exercises and cardio that helps burn fat). Conversely, hip dips are inherited, thus there are no specific exercises or diets that may be used to lessen their appearance.

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Hip dips: Are They Common?

Hip dips are both common and perfectly typical. Due to the anatomy of my body (dominant hip flexors and outer quads), I will always experience hip dips no matter how little, lean, huge, strong, or puffy my body grows. In addition to having “saddlebags,” which are fat pockets directly below the hip dip and towards the backs of our thighs, many women with these hip dips also frequently have them.

Hip Dips: Treatable or Not?

There is no way to “spot treat” hip dips when attempting to shed weight in that area of your body because they are genetically based, according to Mazzucco. Given that genetics cannot be changed, there is no use in making an effort to change a physical characteristic that is caused by genetics.


What type of body has hip dips?

Hip dips are possible for any body type. Your bone structure, not how your fat is distributed, is what determines how deep your hip dips should be.

Are hip dips fillable?

Hip dips can be “filled in” using fillers, implants, and fat grafting techniques including the Hip Flip and Sculptra injections. And as was already said, certain exercises can help to minimise the appearance. Hip dips are entirely natural, though, so while you are entirely free to choose any operation, leaving your hip dips alone is also a perfectly feasible alternative.

Hip dips due to wearing tight clothing?

Hip dips are genetically determined and are a result of your bone structure, yet tight clothing may make them appear more pronounced. Try thicker, stiffer fabrics, like jeans, to hide your hip dips through your clothing.

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