Does It Work For Women Weight Loss According To Reverse Health Reviews?


Women can lose weight with the app Reverse Health. Meal planning, expert medical support, and supplement advice are all part of the brand’s argument that women require a distinct strategy for weight loss.

But is gender-specific weight loss based on science, or is this only a marketing ploy? Is the notion of gender-specific weight loss supported by research? Is it more often than not ineffective or a waste of money to use Reverse Health? And how do actual users rank and describe Reverse Health’s effects?

In this post, we’ll address all of these concerns and more as we examine the scientific literature on weight loss and offer our opinion on whether a programme tailored to women will genuinely produce greater results.

We’ll also draw attention to several dubious health claims made on the reverse health reviews and voice our worries about the firm’s data collection practises.

Is Weight Loss Specifically for Women Effective?

The core tenet of Reverse Health’s value proposition is the notion that women require a different weight loss approach than males. The company makes the claim that their programme “focuses on female physiology,” however in their part about woman-specific weight loss, they fail to cite even a single medical study.

This is not how science works, in our opinion, and there is no compelling medical data to support the idea that men and women should approach weight loss differently.

Reverse Health

Weight reduction is a straightforward thermogenic process that impacts men and women equally—calories taken versus calories expended—as we detailed in our study of Trimtone, another gendered weight loss product.

The above-mentioned straightforward scientific fact remains valid despite the fact that men and women have completely distinct hormone systems.

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We advise consumers to exercise caution when dealing with any brand that makes gender-specific weight loss promises since, in our opinion, this indicates that the brand may be more interested in marketing than sound science.

But is weight loss likely to result via Reverse Health? In the section after this, we’ll analyse.

Will Weight Loss Be Caused by Reverse Health?

We believe that the Reverse Health app’s four weight loss-related features—a customised food plan with calorie tracking, an exercise programme, an accountability group, and supplements—are all promising.

Reverse Health

Since it’s simple to overeat if you’re not reading Nutrition Facts labels to tally the day’s calories, calorie tracking is possibly the most crucial component of sustained weight loss. After examining data from numerous clinical trials on weight reduction, a 2017 medical review concluded that “dietary tracking was found to be an important component of successful weight loss.”

Exercise has been shown to help with weight loss, which makes sense given that it burns calories. The benefits of exercise training on weight loss in overweight and obese patients were examined in a meta-study that was published in the journal Obesity Reviews. An average of 3.57 pounds were lost after six months.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of accountability groups. A 2010 medical evaluation indicated that social support in a weight reduction community caused considerably superior outcomes. Having support from others who share your aim can be encouraging.

If supplements are appropriately designed, weight reduction may result. There are several botanical elements that are clinically demonstrated to stimulate weight loss, as we noted in our Golo reviews post on a supplement.

Reverse Health’s fundamental elements lead us to believe that, when used as directed, the software can help users lose weight. However, as this programme doesn’t seem to be professionally verified, we are unable to find any evidence that it is more effective than any other weight reduction app or programme.

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Reverse Health’s Advantages

Supports sustained weight reduction: The main goal of Reverse Health is to support long-lasting weight loss. You can lose weight thanks to the program’s eating plan and workout regimens, which produce a calorie deficit. Comprehensive weight loss material, including films, expert advice, dietary modifications, and healthy recipes, is available in the instructional programme.

Enhance your energy, mood, and sleep quality because all three are important for the process of losing weight. The programme suggests taking vitamins to help with mood, energy levels, and sleep patterns. Utilise vitamin D for mood and ashwagandha for cognitive and sleep functions.

Reverse Health

Reverse Health offers ideas on how to prolong your life and halt the ageing process in addition to offering sustainable weight loss. The programme offers a diet plan with vital minerals and anti-inflammatory antioxidants that slow down the ageing process.

Enhance sex desire by following the wholesome meal plan offered by Reverse Health. The food plan provides calories and nutrients to prevent low calories, which reduce sex drive.

Improve blood work: A healthy diet will help your blood work in general. Reverse Health lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels while lowering blood glucose levels. Additionally, it lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Reverse Health combines healthy eating, exercise, and supplements to help improve joint health and lessen joint pain. It enhances life quality and lessens the likelihood of pain and aches.

Utilising Reverse Health

Utilising Reverse Health is simple. You will begin by completing the quiz, which will ask you about your present weight, eating habits, height, level of activity, dietary limitations, food allergies, how much weight you want to lose, and more.

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Reverse Health

By responding to the quiz, the programme can learn about your eating habits and trends as well as what you need to improve. Reverse Health analyses the quiz and provides you with a realistic estimate of how long it will take you to reach your target weight.

You can purchase a subscription and download the Reverse Health app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Reverse Health is best for menopausal or impending menopausal ladies. The program’s creators claim that women can lose up to 20 lbs in just 12 weeks.


  • Scientific study has shown that every tactic in Reverse Health supports healthy and long-lasting weight loss.
  • Reverse Health was founded by licenced physical therapists, dietitians, and health coaches.
  • Reverse Health encourages long-term weight loss.
  • The programme offers customised plans depending on your preferences and needs.
  • The weight loss techniques in Reverse Health are ideal for low-carb, keto, plant-based, and pescatarian diets.


  • Reverse Health is only a 12-week programme, and it’s exclusively appropriate for women.
  • Some users think the knowledge and activities in Reverse Health are elementary; you must be consistent to see results


A 12-week weight loss programme called Reverse Health targets menopausal women. The programme includes fitness routines, lifestyle advice, and nutrition recommendations. The creators of the programme are experts in nutrition and weight loss.

The weight reduction programme enhances blood work, lowers joint discomfort, supports weight loss and lifespan, and slows ageing. The software is simple to use and takes little time.

You can achieve your weight loss objectives with the support of Reverse Health’s tools and knowledge. You can customise the meal plans to meet your preferences and needs. You must provide details about your height, weight, desired rate of weight loss, and more when you sign up for the programme. You can connect with other people on Reverse Health and exchange advice and inspiration for losing weight.

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