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People frequently believe that acquiring too much weight is a sign of health for Homoeopathic Medicine. However, acquiring too much weight is referred to as obesity, and being overweight is a condition that can lead to a variety of health issues. Thus, receiving treatment at the appropriate time is highly advised.  Treatment can produce greater results if the cause is known. Obesity can result from a number of circumstances, including hormonal imbalance, which is most common in pregnant women. In addition, when one or both parents are overweight, children may experience the same problem due to certain medical disorders such hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCOD, and in certain circumstances, genetics.

This is the most frequent cause of weight gain, a poor diet, and insufficient exercise. Today’s lifestyle makes it simple to participate in poor eating habits and little physical activity. Thus, receiving treatment at the appropriate time is highly advised. Having homoeopathic weight reduction medications or any other type of medication is a simple solution to the issue, but how helpful is it?

What Do Studies on Homoeopathic Drugs for Weight Loss Suggest?

Few direct studies on homoeopathic treatment for weight loss exist, as was already mentioned. But these are the two most well-known studies.

  • The results of a study done in 2014 on 30 obese individuals who received nutritional counselling and homoeopathic treatment are as follows.
  • Weight loss results from medical intervention, including dietary changes and over-the-counter medications.
  • Researchers have found that dietary changes alone have little impact on weight loss,
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But there was no effect of homoeopathic treatment on the individuals’ BMIs. In this instance, the placebo effect was also covered.

Another study on pregnant women taking the top homeopathic medicine for weight loss, Calcarea carbonate & pulsatilla nigricans, was done in 2016.

  • Pregnant women gained the same amount of weight when given placebos
  • Homoeopathic treatments, harming the foetus in the process.

These studies were unable to provide sufficient proof of homeopathy effectiveness in helping people lose weight, despite the fact that it is not safe to use during pregnancy. Therefore, getting advice is advised if you plan to use them while pregnant.

Best Homoeopathic Weight Loss Drugs:

There is no scientific proof that any of the following homoeopathic remedies for weight loss are effective. Due to the possibility of negative effects, seeing a doctor before using is advised.


It is recommended for people who gain too much weight in their buttocks and thighs, mostly in the lower body. One of the causes could be eating between meals. People frequently experience symptoms like despondency, an increased sweet tooth, constipation, and a bloated stomach.

Calcarea Carbonica

It is suggested for those who get overweight due to a slowing down in their metabolism, which causes their belly fat to build. The amount of belly fat is reduced with this medication. Constipation from a lack of metabolism and excessive sensitivity to cold are two common symptoms.


It is a common homoeopathic treatment for weight loss. It could be suggested to people who experience swollen glands, ear ache, and throat dryness. It controls metabolism, stabilises hunger, and enhances digestion.


Additionally, emotional stress contributes to weight growth. They experience strange patterns of appetite, food cravings, and headaches. Fat builds up in the

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Antimony Crude

Kids and teenagers are given this medication. Doctors who have symptoms including a craving for salty food and a thick white coating on the tongue area may benefit from taking this homoeopathic medication for weight loss.


It is primarily suggested for females. Weakness, melancholy, and exhaustion are frequent symptoms.


Weight gain could also be caused by acidity. Belching and a foul taste in the mouth are frequent symptoms. The pH of the body, digestion, and stomach burning are all improved by this medication.

Fucus Vesiculosus

An additional side effect of thyroid disease is weight gain. By maintaining the thyroid hormone level and enhancing digestion, this medication controls weight.

Are There Any Negative Effects?

There could be some negative effects from using homoeopathic therapy for weight loss. However, it could change based on the person.

  • Nausea
  • allergies
  • interactions with medications, if any

Without further delay, visit a doctor if you have any discomfort.

How to Naturally Lose Weight?

Obesity is a medical disease that is easily treated using natural methods. Yes, sometimes you may have to put in a lot of work, and the results could come slowly at first, but always keep in mind that the best way to treat any condition is naturally.

Calories consumed

Eat less calories and make an effort to engage in more physical activity. Women typically need 1200 calories a day, while men need 1500. By keeping a food journal or documenting your regular meals with photos, you may calculate your daily caloric intake. This will be useful in the early going.


All the necessary nutrients and fibre have been taken out of refined carbohydrates, which contain readily digestible carbohydrates and encourage overeating. Pasta, white rice, soda, candies, snacks, and other foods are the main sources of refined carbohydrates.

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Skip the sweet stuff

According to a study, youngsters who drink sugar-sweetened beverages run a greater chance of becoming obese. Soft drinks, chocolate milk, and other sweet substances all contain liquid calories. So, make an effort to reduce your intake.

Healthy Eating

Although there are several delicacies available to tempt your taste buds, only food prepared at home is as healthy and safe. It contains the warmth and love of our loved ones, as well as nutrients and wellness.

Veggies & Fruits

Since they are low in calories and abundant in fibre, minerals, and water, fruits and vegetables are highly advised. Try to add boiled eggs, yoghurt, carrots, and whole fruit.

Keep hydrated.

Water can be used in substitute of unhealthy beverages. It has a great deal of weight loss potential. Additionally, drinking water prior to meals can help you consume fewer calories.

Leaf tea

It’s beneficial to control weight. This all-natural beverage increases energy levels while decreasing abdominal fat, burning fat, and keeping you active.


It is one of the tried-and-true methods for burning body fat. You can achieve a miraculous outcome with a good diet and regular exercise. You can begin with a morning stroll, which has the power to heal other illnesses. If it’s more convenient for you, you can choose to do yoga or the gym. If you don’t have time to exercise during a busy day, try easy hacks like taking the stairs instead of the escalator when you’re travelling.

Emotional instability

Ask your loved ones for assistance if you need it. Take professional guidance if necessary, but avoid becoming dependent on bad habits.

Before we go any farther, let’s discuss the placebo effect. It is nothing more than the psychological notion that a medical condition can be treated. In this phenomenon, even when placebos (tablets, pills) have no medical effect, patients nonetheless experience the desired outcome. Numerous studies have shown that homoeopathy causes weight loss as a result of the placebo effect. Therefore, the lesson is that everything you try with faith can produce the desired outcome, but don’t forget to see a physician before beginning.

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